Simulator Game Genre is Increasing: Educating or Temporary Fun?

As a computer gamer, I’d love to see the development of some game genres that are not being developed into a final product. Some, not well-known developers are stopping developing their games. This is sad since we need that games to become an alternative game while the heavy-packed game cannot be played on our computer due to the requirements.

But, there is a new trend that I think will become a huge potential if this game genre is developed persistently.

You may know Euro Truck Simulator, Bus Simulator, House Flipper, Castle Flipper, and many more. These games are categorized as simulator game that teaches the player how to do those jobs but only behind the screen. Those buttons in the truck, or tools that are provided in renovating a house, are examples of a learning medium to all people, not limited only to adult people.

The increase of this game genre development is progress in the game industry. Still, the development is not as fast-paced as other game genre. Personally, I view this development from two perspectives, from education and fun leisure activity.


The first perspective is education

The Internet almost gets anything that we want to find, such as learning modules, free courses, information regarding some issues, and many more. For educational purposes, the Internet also provides it with games, online puzzles, or educational videos.

Not all people enjoy watching a video and doing nothing. These people will find an alternative that is provided by games, especially simulator games. You may find a textbook is boring, so you decide to play simulator games that align with your interest.

I will take Surgeon Simulator as an example. In this game, players are expected to do a surgery or task in a hospital, especially a surgery task. Tutorials, tools, and FAQs are provided in the game. It seems harder at the beginning, but when you understand what tools or steps should be taken, you may learn one or two things faster than a textbook.


The second perspective is fun leisure activities

People tend to play games to reduce stress or fill their free time while at home.

During pandemic situations nowadays, some countries apply for emergency lockdown and patrol that all citizens are required to be at home at any cost. They will find activities that can reduce their anxiety or stress.

I know there are a lot of activities such as reading books, or crafting something, well, playing games can be mentioned also. Not always heavy-packed games will be chosen the first time. They will choose a light game or an indie game that won’t increase the stress, and a simulator game is an answer. Building a city, or renovating a house can be fun in some ways. This activity will keep them busy. Although we know this fun is temporary, they still do it every day.


These perspectives can vary for each person. But, one thing for sure, as a gamer, I’d love to explore many possibilities that are not limited only to one game or genre. So, I will try as many games as possible as long as the game is interesting to be played.

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