Simple Ways to Increase Appetite

Lack of appetite is a symptom that is associated with many illnesses and infections. It is a situation whereby a person is unwilling and has no desire to eat.

Usually, the body calls for food by giving a signal. This is when we feel hunger or cravings for certain foods. If you suddenly don’t have the desire to eat, then there is a problem with your body’s systems.

The body needs to be fed well to survive and be healthy. Therefore, we have to find ways to convince a person suffering from appetite loss to eat regardless.



The following are tips to improve interest in eating and help increase appetite.

1. Exercise: Engage in light exercises before meals. Even a short walk will greatly help in stimulating appetite.

2. Good Choice of food: Choose appealing foods. Foods with a nice aroma will do well to arouse appetite. Also, tasteful foods will encourage a person to eat more.

3. Hydration: Make a conscious effort to drink at least six cups of clear liquid in a day. Drink water often to stay hydrated.

4. Scheduled Eating: Make a schedule for meals, and eat each meal at the scheduled time, even if not hungry.

5. Nutritional supplements: Take supplements that are made to boost appetite. Fruits are great appetizers. It is advisable to take them before a meal.

6. Rest: Ensure you’re getting plenty of rest. Take long naps. Improve the quality of your sleep.

7. A Nice arrangement of food: When serving food, use a large plate for a small portion of food. This will prevent the amount of food from looking overwhelming or discouraging. Garnish food well and use colorful ingredients to make it look more attractive.

You can place small bowls of snacks like chips, nuts, or candies in areas you stay constantly in the home. This will encourage healthy snacking and serve as a reminder to eat.

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