Signs It’s Time To Move On


Sometimes a relationship is over before it’s actually over. We spend nights tossing and turning to wonder is it time to end it? Or is it worth putting in the effort?


Relationships aren’t easy. They take a lot of time and work. Sometimes they’re salvageable, but here are some signs it may be time to let go.


Sexual Attraction 


A loss of sex drive can be down to a lot of reasons; medication and stress for example. But if you find yourself getting turned off during sex, or not even wanting to have sex in the first place, this could be a red flag. 


Do you want to have sex with your partner? Do you miss having sex with old partners? Would you rather masturbate than have sex? When the sexual attraction goes, it’s a big sign the relationship is coming to its end.


Spending Time Together


Do you enjoy the time you spend together? When your partner is around, would you rather be alone or with friends?


Towards the end of my relationship, I found that when I was alone I would crave the comfort my ex brought, but when we were together there was no chemistry. I wanted someone to be around, but I didn’t enjoy being around him as I did previously. 


You need to figure out if you want their company or if it’s just any company you want.


Your Mood Around Them


In the Honeymoon stage of a relationship, we feel content and blissful. This doesn’t always last as time goes on and we get to know the person more. If you find yourself getting irritated at little things, starting more arguments, and not wanting to tell your partner little stories or news, this could be time to leave. Similarly, if your partner is doing these things, it could mean they aren’t happy.


Breakups are hard but the most important thing in life is to be happy. If a relationship isn’t serving you anymore, sometimes it’s best to start fresh. 

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