Shopee Application Under Error, Users Went To Twitter


On Wednesday (22/03) and Thursday (24/03), the Shopee application went through several errors, causing search words such as “shopee down” and “shopee error” to trend on Twitter.


Confused users took to Twitter to discuss the error as they experienced several difficulties such as the application automatically logging out their accounts and users being unable to sign back in.

Users seem pretty upset about the issue as some were in the middle of ordering food through Shopefood, while others were worried about their Shopee transactions.

The issue was evident not only in Shopee Indonesia servers but also in Shopee Malaysia, Shopee Thailand, and Shopee Philippines.


After several hours, users were able to log back in manually or by refreshing the page, although users who attempted to reset their password through OTP code were experiencing a delay in receiving the code.


On Thursday (24/03), Shopee users, especially sellers experienced another difficulty where they were unable to list products on the application.


Users were worried about the issue as the error occurred a day before the Shopee “25.3 Sale” where users can claim vouchers only available on the 25th of March, such as cashback and shipping discount vouchers.


Upon attempting to list products on their seller accounts, an error occurred where it prompted a pop-up message.


The message stated that the product was unable to be changed and to contact Customer Service regarding the issue.

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