Shootings in Vancouver

In a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, two people were killed and two others were injured during a shooting spree. “Four people were shot by what is believed to be a lone gunman,” Ghalib Bhayani, a chief superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, said of the attacks in Langley. Authorities are concerned the shootings may have been targeting homeless people. “Our homeless situation is more so than any other province because we have good weather,” she said. “In my heart, this is something I care very deeply about. Honestly, I’m just heartbroken this morning.”

The man, considered to be the only suspect by police, is now in custody. The survivors include a woman in critical condition and a man shot in a leg who was recovering. The attacks happened at different times at four separate locations, including a bus stop. Shots may have also been fired into businesses and other structures in downtown Langley as part of the spree but no other injuries were reported.

After the last shooting, authorities decided to push out a cell phone alert warning residents to stay away from Langley’s core. Officials ended up closing off a large section of 200th Street, a main route through the center of the city, as the case went from a response to an investigation. Police issued another cell phone alert, this one saying that one person “who we believe is responsible for the shootings” was in custody. Canada’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team responded to the incidents and the investigation about what really happened is being investigated.

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