SHINee’s TAEMIN: Talented All-Rounder With A Great Heart

Everybody knows SHINee member Taemin to be the ‘idol of idols’. Debuted at age 14, he has seen and experienced a lot in the industry.

Many idols, 3rd generation and forth have only spoken great things about Taemin. From idols of the same company, like NCT’s Ten who says: “There’s a lot of respectable sunbaes but my role model is SHINee’s Taemin sunbaenim.” 

Every male idols non-stop loving & admiring Taemin for 14 minutes straight

Taemin is one of the most talented artists out there who is known to be constantly raising the bar and breaking boundaries as an artist and a person. His song ‘MOVE’ was such a phenomenon that there was a breakout of the ‘MOVE Fever’. His sound and style has been repurposed in almost every corner in the K-POP industry. 

As a soloist, Taemin has received 14 awards from various award shows.

One of the many proofs of his talent goes back to 13-year-old Taemin, who passed the audition that is impossible to pass. Taemin tells the story right here:  [티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) 13-Year-Old Taemin, Cute Lie He Told at SM Audition | #LifeBar | 171026 #4

Taemin is also called to be the Michael Jackson of Korea.

Not only is he a role model for other idols, he is also a sweetheart to the fans. During the military enlistment of the older SHINee members, Taemin tried to constantly communicate with Shawols [SHINee fandom name] and even learned English for the international fans! 우리 태민(TAEMIN)이가 달라졌어요♥ 스포 요정+소통왕으로 완벽 변신???? 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 268회 | JTBC 210220 방송

Taemin’s talent and success doesn’t break his kind heart. He is always so humble and so kind to the people he loves and cares about. Taemin deserves every ounce of love that he receives so let’s give him all the love in the world! 

Stream his music in all the platforms you have and go to his Instagram page and perhaps give him some reassurances.

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