Shenmue Anime Adaptation

The age of adaptations is upon us because Shenmue is getting one next.

So, Shenmue just released a trailer of an anime adaptation that will release on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. I remember playing the first or second game, but I can’t remember what it was about. That’s why I had to look it up.

Shenmue is an old Sega game series telling the story of Ryo. He’s a Japanese teenager that sees his dad die at the hands of Lan Di, the leader of a shadowy organization from Hong Kong. By the way, Shenmue’s dad taught him martial arts, so the teen hunts down Lan Di for revenge.

The show will be thirteen episodes long and cover the events of the first two games. They got Chikara Sakurai directing with Crunchyroll and Adult Swim co-producing. Chikara Sakurai also directed One Punch Man season two, so take that how you will, but the show will appear on Toonami at 9:30 p.m., February 5.

On top of the trailer, Crunchyroll leaked the Japanese and English dub casts. In Japanese, Masaya Matsukaze will voice Ryo Hazuki as he also voiced Sailor Moon Crystal. As for English, Austin Tindle, Tokyo Ghoul actor, has the protagonist power. The main villain will be Takuhiro Sakurai and Scott Gibbs for Lan Di. Other voices include Cat Thomas, Greg Ayres, Joe Daniels, and more.

Now, I didn’t finish Shenmue way back when. However, I know it’s a decent game with many memes. However, we’ll see how the anime turns out on Toonami.

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