Shazam 2’s Humor Will Change

Since Shazam’s characters, like Billy Batson, are getting older, writers think the humor should reflect that. So, Shazam: Fury of the Gods will probably have a more mature humor than the first. As the protagonist will have a age development; so is the overarching theme and overall topics to talks about.

Since Shazam’s first film has a kid for the protagonist; it brought a new light to the DCEU. He wasn’t an adult who knew the dangers of the world. So, unlike all the dark DC movies, it was light with childish humor and innocence.

Now, the characters are getting older. Shazam 2 will take place a few years in the future where the characters are experiencing new things. These kids will take on new powers, family bonds, and evil all at the same time.

The reason I know all this is because producer Peter Safran had an interview with IGN and talked about the characters evolutions.

“We very much lean into the idea that Asher’s (the actor who plays Billy Batson) 17 going on 18,” he said. “I love what we’ve done with it. I like that the kids are a little bit older so that you can lean into a little more adult humor and also just adult stakes and adult issues that one deals with it at 16 and 17 that you don’t deal with at 13 and 14.”

When it comes to recent movies, Shazam is pretty unique, but characters are developing. They’re getting older, and it should show in the writing.

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