Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: A Must-Watch Movie

I have made many articles about movies that should be on your list from previous years. Now, I will present another more recent film that also should be on your list. This great Marvel movie reached $186.7 million in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and has become one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, this movie passes the Black Widow movie in total earnings. Well, personally, all Marvel movies are awesome, especially this one.

What is the movie about?

Before you watch this, or if you are new to the Marvel universe, please watch the previous Marvel movies from Phase One so you can catch up to this movie faster. I would also suggest not reading this because it will spoil the film. A long time ago, Xen Wu discovered the mystical ten rings which granted amazing powers and immortality. In addition, he established the Ten Rings organization. This organization has already crippled many countries and organizations since then. 

His quest is to find the village filled with many mythical beasts, Ta Lo but he is stopped by his soon-to-be-wife, Yin Li, who happens to be the Ta Lo guardian. In the present day, Shang-Chi, using the fake name Shaun, works as a valet alongside Katy, his best friend. However, Shaun is being hunted by the Ten Rings organization and fights his way to avoid capture.

Now, he wants to reach his sister, Xialing, in Macau. But, their father’s organization knows this and rushes to capture them. After a long fight, his father reveals a map to Ta Lo and hears his wife call him for help. Their children realize this is a fake call, and they begin a journey to Ta Lo with the help of Trevor and the mythical beast, Morris. Their mother’s sister explains everything about their past and they agree to defend Ta Lo from his father’s attack. The plot seems simple from the outside, but, you know Marvel will add many easter eggs or clues or similar like that in the movie and will reconnect it to the upcoming movie. And, this is a recommended movie you should watch. I will present some reasons why this is worth watching.

Reasons why this movie is worth watching.

The first reason is the connection. All Marvel movies or series are neatly packed, so from one movie to other movies or series, the connection is well-presented. If you realize after the Avenger – Endgame, there are a lot of Marvel series after this phase. However, the Loki series opens the multiverse. This sets up many upcoming movie projects in the future. Exciting, right?

The second reason is the relationship between the characters. In the movie, the relationship between the characters is well-presented. You can see the complicated relationship between the father and his children, or the nourishing relationship between the main character, and this is shaped by the movie plot. Even if you are new to the MCU, and watch this movie, you may know which one is good, bad, or have a doubt for pushing to break the limit in saving the universe.

The third reason is the effects. Once again, Marvel can present excellent and amazing effects in execution along with the plot also. Our hype for the next phase after Avengers: Endgame is still in the high place although we know for not putting the expectations. Still, I love the effects and it makes me wonder how the editing team works for this effect.

Well, these are my reasons why this movie should be on your list. You may like the movie or not be a fan of it, personally, that’s okay. But, if you want to taste some different movies, try to watch all the series or movies from the MCU. You may find it interesting.

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