Sexual Assult is Still Unconcectual Even If The Victim Reacted This Way

There are many ways of reacting to a sexual assault: struggle, fight, freeze in the spot, or stop restraining to prevent injuries. The victim has no time to prepare as it occurs so suddenly, arbitrarily, and unpredictably. Rape isn’t always violent. Sometimes the victims are intoxicated or drunk.
Only 4 days ago, a hashtag #savenoviawidyasari was all over Twitter after an Indonesian girl committed suicide by her father’s grave after being drugged, raped, impermanent, and asked by the assailant – police – relatives to abort the baby.

And only today, it is stated on that There was no evidence that it was a rape and said that the sexual encounter was consensual sex.
Countless victims of rape struggle to report their assault for many reasons. Such as being raped by their boyfriend, husband, or contradicting thought that they might be giving content because they also reach or experiencing orgasm, and it has nothing to do with pleasure.

It is only natural that a body will self-lubricate. These genital responses are a physiological defense mechanism to abuse for reducing injury such as tearing or pain, according to Martin Lalumiere, a professor at the University of Ottawa’s School of Psychology. Quoted from Cosmopolitan that Lalumiere studies show that a protective mechanism of lubrication is an automatic body reaction to protect women from injuries during intercourse, and it can happen in the absence of enjoyment. The misunderstanding has caused most victims never to make it to the police station nor talk to anyone about it.

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