SEVENTEEN’s Woozi to release solo mixtape in January

SEVENTEEN member Woozi is reportedly set to release his debut solo mixtape just next month!

According to a latest report from South Korean news portal Star News, Woozi will release his solo mixtape in January 2022. This release will mark his first official solo release ever, after only having unreleased solo tracks, namely What Kind of Future which is famous among Carats [Seventeen’s fanbase].

According to the report, the vocal unit leader is set to show off a “different” side of himself. Let it also go on the record that Woozi had just won Best Producer Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards earlier this month. It is exciting to see where he is going with his solo in terms of sound and style.

This mixtape will most likely be the next instalment of SEVENTEEN’s The Thirteen Tapes interview and photo book series. The Thirteen Tapes was announced earlier this year when member Hoshi releases his one-song mixtape Spider. Pledis Entertainment said that the series will [commemorate] the releases of the SEVENTEEN members’ mixtapes.

Pledis further stated that every time a member creates a mixtape, a new volume of [The Thirteen Tapes] would be issued. This implies the fact that all of the Seventeen members will have their own solo mixtape. The project was paused ever since the first volume with Hoshi’s Spider was released. So the upcoming projects might be surprise releases according to the members themselves.

Woozi is also having his first ever solo magazine pictorial with Marie Claire. He and Seventeen will also be performing at the 2022 Weverse Con, featuring artists in its various labels.

Stay tuned to Woozi’s and Seventeen’s upcoming schedules!

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