SEVENTEEN’s Power of Love “Powerful” Online Concert

Seventeen held their first concert after almost a year. They come back with online concerts after releasing their last mini-album, “Attacca”.

Rapper Wonwoo discussed concert themes in an interview with Elite Daily, saying, “Love is the overarching theme for Seventeen throughout 2021, and we will continue to unpack this broad topic and various storylines in our ‘Power Of Love’ project throughout the year.”

Seventeen’s “Power of Love” online concert will be held on: November 14th, 18th and 21st. The 18th will be a Japan edition of their concert, where they will be also previewing their winter Japanese single “Ainochikara (Power of Love)”. 

The first day of the concert was held last Sunday and it shows astonishing performances from their 10 members. Two of their Chinese members got back home last October due to promotions in China. However, it did not stop them from briefly appearing through a video call and a unit performance.

Seventeen is one of the best-performing groups in K-POP and the concert last Sunday has proven it again. Starting off with some of their powerful songs, their newly released “Crush”, “Anyone” and the dynamic classic “Clap”, Seventeen has set the tone to be a performance powerhouse. 

Not only that, but they also performed some songs they have never performed before––the foreign line’s compelling “Network Love”, OT13’s sweet “I Wish”, Hip-hop unit’s infamous “GAM3 BO1″ and Mingyu-Wonwoo’s RnB duet “Bittersweet”. 

As usual, Seventeen also includes the sweet and loving message they have for Carats around the world. They have proven time and again that they dearly love their fans. Carats have also proved themselves to love Seventeen even harder. The concerts are a good chance for Seventeen and Carats to, once again, share this love.

These concerts are a must-watch for Carats and even non-fans who would like to know Seventeen better. Buy your tickets now on WeVerse for the remaining dates of November 18th and 21st!

Check out the teaser for the concert below!

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