SEVENTEEN’s Japan Fanmeeting 2022, “Hanabi,” Just Wrapped Up! Here’s What Happened


The 2nd day of SEVENTEEN’s fanmeeting ‘Hanabi’ in Saitama Super Arena Japan just finished! The fanmeeting was held from 7-8 May 2022 offline – meaning that fans get to watch the fanmeeting live while following COVID-19 guidelines.


Fans who couldn’t go to the offline fanmeeting could still watch the livestream through the official Weverse application by buying the tickets.


After a long-awaited 2 years, SEVENTEEN finally performed in front of fans, live! If you didn’t get a chance to watch the fanmeeting, here’s a bunch of things that happened.


Balance Game



After performing a couple of songs after the fanmeeting began, the SEVENTEEN members had a small segment where they played the Balance Game, where they had to choose an answer between option A or Option B. For instance, the members had to pick between a.) being the leader in SEVENTEEN or b.) being the youngest in SEVENTEEN.


Relay Game



The members played a relay game where they had to successfully finish a relay. The relay consists of different members having different tasks, such as throwing darts, fishing for balloons, and shooting down dolls with a toy gun. Upon finishing the task, they get a sequence of words that a member has to act out and another member has to successfully guess the prompt.


Funny & Chaotic Moments



A SEVENTEEN fanmeeting and concert isn’t complete without the member’s funny antics. Members showed off their dancing skills during the ‘Snapshoot’ encore, with The-8’s professional B-Boying and Mingyu attempting to B-Boy as well.


Impromptu Encore



‘Snapshoot’ was already included in the setlist as the encore song, but the members decided to surprise fans by performing brief parts of ‘Aju Nice’, which was the encore song for previous concerts. Not only that, they performed ‘Call, Call, Call’ too.

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