SEVENTEEN’s Face the Sun Album is Revealed! Here are the Inclusions.


SEVENTEEN is back with their 4th studio album, Face the Sun, and the inclusions of the physical were revealed this Thursday (April 21).


On April 15, SEVENTEEN have already dropped their full English single, ‘Darl+ing’ and now fans can pre-order their 4th album on various websites here.


The album comes in 5 different versions: ‘ep.1 Control’, ‘ep.2 Shadow’, ‘ep.3 Ray’, ‘ep.4 Path’, ‘ep.5 Pioneer’.


Pre-orders are open now and the album will be released on May 27, 2022, at 1 PM (KST) and 0 AM (ET).


Here are further details!




The physical album comes in an outbox based on the 5 versions of Face the Sun.


Highlighter Pen

Fans were surprised as highlighters will include in the album. Fans can get 5 different versions of a Pen Box for the Highlighter Pen, however, the Pen Box will only be available for first press only. You can only get 1 out of 13 random Highlighter Pens in the inclusions.


Photo Book

There will be 5 different versions according to the 5 album versions of the Photo Book that will have 88 pages.


Pet Card

There will be 5 different versions of a Pet Card, which may be a card with a picture of the members with a transparent background.


Lyric Book

The lyric book has 16 pages and only 1 version.



As usual, there will be 5 versions of the CD according to the album version.



Because the album has 5 different versions, you will get 4 out of 52 random photocards in the album according to the 5 versions.


Post Card

Along with the photocard, you will get 2 out of 26 random postcards according to the 5 versions.



A poster is available for First Press only, with 1 out of 5 random posters.

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