SEVENTEEN’s DK Surprise Christmas Song “You’re My Christmas”

SEVENTEEN DK (Dokyeom) Complete Profile, Facts, and TMI
Image source: KBIZOOM

SEVENTEEN’s main vocalist DK (Dokyeom) gives his fans a new solo song “You’re My Christmas.”

The song was written and composed by DK himself, with frequent SEVENTEEN collaborators Jozu and Lee Beomhoon of PRISMFILTER.

“You’re My Christmas” is DK’s first-ever official solo release since his debut with SEVENTEEN.

As a Christmas song, “You’re My Christmas” is a soft, cozy, and mellow ballad with the Christmast-y effect. Its lyrics are also very warm in the heart, as DK sings: “You’re my Christmas / Merry Christmas / White snow is falling down / It’s gently falling down like your warm smile / Christmas with you / Merry Christmas / This moment, which is like the first snowfall / It feels like a dream.”

DK has a really warm and gentle voice as he sings throughout the song. As SEVENTEEN’s main vocalist, his voice has been a great weapon of his. His range is incredible and it has been acknowledged across the nation. 

DK also flourished this year as he returned as King Arthur in the XCalibur musical. Not only his fans are supporting him but fellow SEVENTEEN members also came to show support and attended his shows.   

DK releasing “You’re My Christmas” in surprise is not unfamiliar. It has happened with other SEVENTEEN members in the past. Previously, Vernon released “Bands Boy” in November, and Jeonghan released “Dream” in September in both Japanese and Korean.

The rest of the SEVENTEEN members have their own creative projects under #17Studio. It is refreshing to see their solo endeavors outside of their group activities. We only wish to see more from DK. We truly hope the best for him!

Listen to the song here:

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