SEVENTEEN’s Dino Opens Instagram Account; All 13-Members Complete!

Dino, the youngest member of SEVENTEEN is the last member to open an Instagram account with the handle @feat.dino this Wednesday, 27 April.


Dino posted a picture of him in an area in the HYBE Entertainment building, posing in front of the glass panels and indoor trees.



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Other SEVENTEEN members, Seungkwan and DK instantly welcomed Dino to Instagram by commenting on his first post.


Dino instantly followed the rest of the 12 members on Instagram, making him follow 13 accounts in total.


Here are the other members’ Instagram accounts!


1. S.Coups (@sound_of_coups)

The leader of SEVENTEEN has 3,4 million followers and a total of 42 posts right now, most of the posts of himself and other members.


2. Jeonghan (@jeonghaniyoo_n)

Jeonghan has 2,5 million followers and 31 posts, with pictures of him mostly with his iconic platinum blonde hair, which fans miss so much.


3. Joshua (@joshu_acoustic)

Joshua’s Instagram, which was previously @joshuahong951230, has 4 million followers and almost all of his feed consists of carousels of his angelic face.


4. Jun (@junhui_moon)

Jun has a total of 1.9 million followers and his feed is the perfect mix of pictures of him from self-portraits, photoshoots, and nature.


5. Hoshi (@ho5hi_kwon)

Hoshi with 2.4 million followers never fails to provide fans with Instagram posts of him and his outfits, along with his iconic horanghae pose.


6. Wonwoo (@everyone_woo)

Wonwoo, one of the members who post the least has 2.4 million followers and loves to post candid pictures of himself as well as mirror selfies with his digital camera.


7. Woozi (@woozi_universefactory)

With 3.2 million followers, Woozi’s feed consists mostly of his studio where he likes to post the process of him composing music, along with studio equipment and instruments.


8. DK (@dk_is_dokyeom)

DK frequently posts more than the other members, with a total of 63 posts and 2.5 million followers. DK often posts his casual “boyfriend” style and pictures of him with other members.


9. Mingyu (@min9yu_k)

Mingyu, a frequent poster on Instagram has 103 posts and 6.2 million followers. Mingyu’s posts are always model-material with his long legs, and you’ll get posts from his own amazing photography once in a while.


10. The8 (@xuminghao_o)

The8 with 4.4 million views has an artistic feed with its unique and eccentric aesthetic. His feed is more like art with a lot of abstract posts, as well as his high-end fashion fits.


11. Seungkwan (@pledis_boos)

Seungkwan has 3.7 million followers and he likes to share his bright and colorful feed with pictures of him posing in front of nature spots with beautiful scenery.


12. Vernon (@vernon_98)

Previously @chwenotchew, Vernon has 3.7 million followers where he likes to post more of SEVENTEEN’s album covers, along with pictures of art more than pictures of himself.


13. Dino (@feat.dino)

Dino with his newly hatched account has 578K followers as of now and 1 post so far. We can’t wait to see how his feed will turn out!


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