SEVENTEEN Welcomes Spring With The Release Of “Darl+ing” MV


SEVENTEEN greets spring with the release of their new music video ‘Darl+ing’ on Friday, April 15, 2022.


For their upcoming fourth studio album, ‘Darl+ing’ is SEVENTEEN’s first English single where they dedicate their song to SEVENTEEN fans (CARATS) around the globe.


The music video features a warm and cozy concept during spring, with lots of flowers, and earthy colors, and the members just having fun.


The song itself is light and uplifting, with guitar and synth instrumentals. The members sing in harmony together with soft, yet powerful vocals.


Although the beginning starts with a fun and light-hearted storyline of the members having fun together, it gradually evolves into a dark and gut-wrenching story with the members falling through the gloomy sky around broken buildings and debris.


The members wore earthy tones with a splash of colors for their outfits in the MV, such as white, pastel pink, pastel brown, and pastel turquoise tops.


As of now, the ‘Darl+ing’ music video has reached over 3 Million views and has reached #1 on iTunes in 30 countries according to this tweet.



There’s already a ‘Darl+ing’ challenge on TikTok with the hashtag #DarlingChallenge where fans can participate by following the simple choreography danced by Jun, Joshua, and Mingyu on the TikTok video.


@seventeen17_official Darling you baby???? #JOSHUA #JUN #MINGYU #SVT_Darling #Darling #달링 #DarlingChallenge ♬ Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN

After the drop of the MV, Jeonghan dropped a message on the Weverse application to check on fans as he tested positive for COVID-19 on April 13, before the release of the MV.


In the sweet message, Jeonghan apologized to fans as he couldn’t be there on the day of the comeback, and hoped that fans enjoyed ‘Darl+ing’.


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