SEVENTEEN Songs to Listen to on Every Occasion


Debuting ever since 2015, SEVENTEEN has 7 years of experience in the K-Pop industry. Recently, SEVENTEEN just celebrated its 7th anniversary on May 26, 2022.


Over the years, SEVENTEEN has constructed a very archetypical and iconic discography with over twelve albums (full studio albums and mini-albums combined) and over 110 songs.


With that many songs, it’s a given that there’s a song that’s perfect for every occasion.


When you want something hype


These songs are guaranteed to give you the hype you need, with energetic beats and catchy choruses.

  •  “HIT” – SEVENTEEN 3rd Album ‘An Ode’
  • “VERY NICE” – Love&Letter repackage album


When you’re falling in love


Have a crush? Cope with your newfound emotions with these relatable SEVENTEEN songs

  • “Ready to love” – SEVENTEEN 8th Mini Album ‘Your Choice’
  • “Fallin’ Flower” – Fallin’ Flower Single
  • “Crush” – SEVENTEEN 9th Mini Album ‘Attacca”


When you’re studying


With softer instrumentals and soft vocals, these songs will help you relax when you’re studying – and aren’t too distracting.

  • “Same dream, same mind, same night” – SEVENTEEN 8th Mini Album ‘Your Choice’
  • “Second Life” – SEVENTEEN 3rd Album ‘An Ode’
  • “Adore U – Vocal Team Ver.” – FIRST ‘LOVE&LETTER’


When you want to bawl your eyes out


When you’re having a rough day, listen to these songs to let out all your emotions.

  • “Smile Flower” – SEVENTEEN 3rd Mini Album ‘Going Seventeen’
  • “Pinwheel” – SEVENTEEN 2nd ALBUM ‘TEEN, AGE’
  • “Hug” – SEVENTEEN 6th Mini Album ‘YOU MADE MY DAWN’


During a late night drive


These songs will match the mellow mood perfectly during a late night drive alone

  • “Habit” – SEVENTEEN 4th Mini Album ‘Al1’
  • “Network Love” – SEVENTEEN 3rd Album ‘An Ode’
  • “Trauma” – SEVENTEEN 2nd ALBUM ‘TEEN, AGE’

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