SEVENTEEN Releases ‘HOT’ Music Video and ‘Face the Sun’ Album

After SEVENTEEN’s 7th anniversary on 26 May, SEVENTEEN gifted CARATS with the release of the music video from their title track, “HOT” on 27 May at 1 PM KST.


‘HIT’ from their 4th full album ‘Face the Sun’ features a whole new concept and unique sound for SEVENTEEN.


The music video features the SEVENTEEN members as outlaws, with a concept that resembles the movie, Mad Max.


The bold and daring concept includes speeding dirt bikes leaving gusts in their wake and off-road trucks in a deserted wasteland.


With sheer tops and eye-catching outfits with crazy patterns and bright colors – SEVENTEEN brought everything to the table.


With another complex and difficult choreography, SEVENTEEN continues to surprise CARATS.


“HOT” also written by WOOZI is a hip-hop song that features a western guitar sound, which SEVENTEEN openly welcomes and delivered.




According to Hanteo Daily Sales, SEVENTEEN’s ‘Face the Sun’ album sales have reached a total of 1,758,565 sales as of May 27.



With five different versions of the ‘Face the Sun’ album: Control ep, Shadow ep, Ray ep, Path, and Pioneer – there are over 100 photocards that fans can collect.


‘Face the Sun’ has a total of 9 songs:

1.      Darl+ing

2.      HOT


4.      March

5.      Domino

6.      Shadow

7.      ‘bout you

8.      IF you leave me

9.      Ash


Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN has already started promotions for ‘Face the Sun’ and has performed “HIT” and “Darl+ing” in several musics shows such as Music Bank.


Watch SEVENTEEN’s ‘HOT’ fanchant so you can follow along!


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