SEVENTEEN Members Seungkwan & DK Test Positive for COVID-19

On Monday, March 5, K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN members Seungkwan and DK tested positive for COVID-19. 

Just a few hours after SEVENTEEN’s leader S.Coups tested positive, members Seungkwan and DK also caught the virus.


Pledis Entertainment posted an official statement on Seventeen’s official Twitter @pledis_17, stating that members DK and Seungkwan have tested positive for COVID-19 and will temporarily rest from group activities. 


The statement also provided a chronology for member DK, that despite taking a rapid antigen test and testing as negative on March 4, he experienced a mild sore throat and took a PCR test where he was tested as positive on Saturday (05/03). DK is currently experiencing a mild sore throat with no other symptoms and is self-isolating and resting at home. 


Member Seungkwan, also preemptively took a rapid antigen test and tested positive on Saturday (05/03). Following a prompt PCR test, he was confirmed positive with COVID-19 on the same day (05/03). Unlike DK, Seungkwan experienced body aches and is self-isolating at home as well. 


Other SEVENTEEN members aside from S.Coups, Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Vernon took self-test kits on Saturday (05/03) with negative results as they experienced no symptoms. 


As a result, DK and Seungkwan have temporarily paused their activities and will not partake in SEVENTEEN’s group activities until they recover.


Lastly, Pledis Entertainment mentioned that they place their highest priority on the health and safety of their artists, and provide full support for DK and Seungkwan’s recovery. 


Pledis Entertainment stated that they will also continue and cooperate with the safety guidelines of healthcare authorities in the last part of their statement.

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