SEVENTEEN Leaders Celebrate Their Achievements with the Release of “CHEERS”.

On Wednesday (July 6), SVT (SEVENTEEN) Leaders released their official music video for “CHEERS”, one of the tracks featured on SEVENTEEN’s 4th Album Repackage – SECTOR 17.

“CHEERS” performed by SVT Leaders, S.COUPS, Hoshi, and WOOZI features an upbeat hip-hop sound with a catchy flute beat. If you didn’t know, the trio consists of all the leaders from each of SEVENTEEN’s sub-units: Hip Hop Unit (S.COUPS), Performance Unit (Hoshi), and Vocal Unit (WOOZI).

Not only did the SVT Leaders perform the song, but the trio also participated in the songwriting of the song – along with Vernon. The song shares their journey to success that was built from zero. The unit leaders celebrate how they made it to the top with “CHEERS”.

From sentimental lyrics like “We build a building from our basement unit” and “Too many mouths what do we do for food I wondered” share their struggles during their humble beginnings.  “Started from two pyeong, flanked by twelve guys” in S.COUP’s verse allude to the fact that he has 12 members by his side despite the struggle.

This is not the first time the SVT Leaders released a song, as “CHANGE UP” was released 4 years ago on September 25, 2017 – marking “CHEERS” as their 2nd release, reborn as its sibling. The music video itself feels oddly familiar with a nod to “CHANGE UP” with similar props, including the retro TV, a convertible car, and the trio sitting across each other.


Have you celebrated “CHEERS” by watching the music video yet?


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