“SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND 2022“ Fan Meeting is Here!


On Friday (25/3), SEVENTEEN held their 6th Official Fan Meeting, SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND 2022.


SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND 2022 is held throughout 3 days, March 25, March 26, and March 27 held in Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium, Seoul.


The first two days of the fan meeting will be held offline, while the third day will be offline and available through online streaming.


The setlist for day 1 was already released on Twitter, featuring old tracks such as ‘Shining Diamonds’ and special segments, featuring ‘Game Corners’ with SEVENTEEN members Dino and Seungkwan as MCs.


As the event is a fan meet instead of a concert, there are exciting segments for fans to enjoy such as pre-recorded skits that the members have recorded beforehand.


Although several fans reported to Twitter that it was raining during the fan meet, it didn’t stop SEVENTEEN members from performing in the rain.


Here are other things that happened!


  • New Dyed Hair

In a surprise for fans, some members performed with their fresh and new dyed hair: Scoups in pink, Wonwoo in blue, and Woozi in green.



  • New Sogo Fanchant 

Due to COVID-19 preventative measures, fans are not allowed to scream, clap, or shout during the fan meet, so SEVENTEEN created a new fanchant involving sogo’s for fans to use during the fanchant.



  • Soaked in Rain

Despite the rain, the members still performed charismatically drenched in rain for fans to enjoy the show and still be happy.




  • Seungkwan Shed Some Tears

Due to COVID-19, Seventeen was unable to perform in front of fans for a while, which is why maybe Seungkwan shed some emotional tears during the fan meet as he missed fans.


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