Sequels That Beat The Original

It’s almost universally agreed that a sequel is never as good as the original. In fact, in some cases, the sequels are so unsuccessful people don’t remember they even happened, like Mean Girls 2. 


But, on rare occasions, the sequels are even better than the first film! I’ve rounded up my favorite sequels that I think to surpass the original. 


The Addams Family Values

The Addams Family franchise is iconic and is one that everybody knows. Whilst the first film is a classic, The Addams Family Values has more funny one-liners, and, of course, the infamous Thanksgiving play. There are so many different plot lines in the film; the arrival of the new baby, Fester’s new wife, and the summer camp, it’s hard to get bored!


Mamma Mia 2

Both Mamma Mia films are great, but Donna is one of the best characters ever made. Her resilience, independence, and work ethic is empowering. Mamma Mia 2 has a perfect contrast between Donna’s past and backstory and the present day. It also shows her traveling, making it perfect if you’re planning to explore the world. Not to mention, the incredible outfits and guest appearance from Cher!


Toy Story 2

If there was no Toy Story 2, there would be no Jessie and Bullseye! The introduction of the new characters and Woody’s storyline were nothing less than perfect. Not to mention the lines and delivery were hilarious. Toy Story 2 is a feel-good film that passed all expectations and never gets old.


22 Jump Street

Both films are hilarious and are neck-and-neck with each other, but something about 22 Jump Street goes above and beyond. The irony of Schmidt not being popular anymore and finding it difficult to fit in, mixed with their out-of-place humor and slang makes this film unmissable. 

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