Secret Number’s Zuu, Sodam, and Dita to Release “Business Proposal” OST


On Thursday (March 10), Flex M announced that the three Secret Number members Zuu, Dita, and Soodam will sing the original soundtrack of the Korean drama “Business Proposal”.


“Love Maybe” is a remake of MeloMance’s single with the same title which is also the soundtrack for “Business Proposal”. Secret Number’s version of “Love Maybe” will be the fifth soundtrack after “Love, Maybe” (MeloMance), “Sweet” (Lee Mujin), “You Are Mine” (VICTON), “Sun Shower” (MOVNING), and “Melting” (BamBam).


“As Melomance’s original song “Love, Maybe” has proven its popularity by ranking first on the real-time music charts on the 9th, listeners’ expectations for SECRET NUMBER’s Love Maybe are increasing,” wrote Flex M, on Friday (March 11).


The OST “Love, Maybe” will be released Monday, March 14. Meanwhile, “Business Proposal,” tells the story of Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-Jeong) going on a blind date because Jin Young-SEO (Seol In-ah) her best friend, was arranged by Young-SEO’s father to attend one. Young-SEO, who is unable to go, asks Ha-ri to attend on her behalf to ‘get rejected’ by her friend’s potential partner.


“Business Proposal” is the latest drama starring Kim Se-Jeong after her featured in “The Uncanny Counter” in 2020. Meanwhile, her co-star, Ahn Hyo-seop has featured in the drama “Lovers of The Red Sky” with Kim Yoo-Jung. The drama also stars Kim Min-kyu who plays Cha Sung-hun, Kang Tae-moo’s right-hand man.


The drama script was written by Han Sul-hee “Ugly Young-A” and Hong Bo-hee “Standby, High Kick! 3” and directed by Park Sun-ho “Suspicious Partner”.

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