Seasons Of Blossom: Reviews

This manhwa is a combination of many love stories in the same school and universe. Today, my review will focus on the first couple of the stories; Bomi and Jiyoung.

At the very beginning, the author tells the stories through the female lead, Bomi’s aspect. She has two close friends named Seohee and Jaemin. The group of three has always been together when they are at school. However, from the outsider’s perspective, Only Jaemin and Bomi have good looks, so they ship the two in a romantic way. Despite the fact that Seohee has had a secret crush on Jaemin for a long time, Bomi gradually starts to like Jaemin. This makes the group of three become really awkward. Not long after that, the secret Seahee has been keeping since her childhood is revealed, and Bomi decides to give up her love for her best friend.

The plot seems to progress better, but, to be honest, I think the author makes their relationship more complicated. Because not only does the female lead give up on her love, but she also creates a fake lover to deceive Jaemin and Seohee that she already has a boyfriend. And this is how Bomi meets the actual male lead: Jiyoung.

Jiyoung is just a game-addicted boy who rarely socializes with other people. But he somehow accepts Bomi’s offer to become her fake boyfriend.

Ps: The art also looks natural and beautiful! The author draws the characters’ anatomy quite well. This is literally an exciting story, so you must read it!

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