Scream Fortress 2022: 6 New Maps, Contracts Reset, and New Halloween-Themed Crates

Just when we thought Valve had truly left out a proper Scream Fortress update, the TF2 community hasn’t been let down just yet; Scream Fortress XIV came on October 5th, bringing along the Halloween exclusive cases, 6 new community maps, weapon skins, and taunts.

Previously featured maps exclusive to the event have also returned, like usual. The new Ghoulish Gains case features 22 community-created cosmetics for various classes; one of which references Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2, and another referencing the current bot crisis. Fantastic. If you’re lucky, there’s a chance to get one of five new Halloween-restricted items as a bonus. But wait, there’s more. Lucky players could get a taunt Unusualifier as another extra. Unusualifiers make tradeable taunts much more valuable, and give off a visual effect alongside it.

Taunts include the Scaredy Cat for all classes, which is a throwback to one of the scenes in the Meet the Spy trailer, the Texas Twirl’ Em, where the Engineer class shows off his lasso skills, the Travel Agent, a Spy taunt referencing Inspector Gadget, the Drunk Man’s Cannon, where the Demoman class rides around in a wheeled cannon, and the Shanty Shipmate, where the Demoman rows a small boat.

There are 25 new community Unusual effects, 12 of which are for hats, and 13 for taunts. The Scream Fortress XIV weapon skin case has 11 new skins, with the same chances of winning an Unusualifier. Halloween contracts (or Merasmissions) have been reset, which allows for players to try and complete them again. Lastly, the six newest maps bring a wacky twist to the gamemodes. Bonesaw is a payload race mode, where the teams try and get their hacksaw carts to the tombstones, Crasher, a new way to play Capture the Flag, where players become the ‘flag’, being a giant that their team needs to guide to the enemies’ gates, Ghoulpit, a new payload map, Helltrain, another CTF map set on two gigantic moving trains, Soul-Mill, a spooky redeco of an older map, and Spookyridge, an attack/defend map where teams take turns to prevent their opponents from capturing the points.


p class=”MsoNormal”>As a frequent player, there was a thought that October 2021 would be the last time TF2 gets its beloved Halloween updates, but Valve proved us wrong once more. We do wonder when they would eventually stop rolling updates for October, with the state of the game. This year’s Scream Fortress is available until November 7th.


(Cover image sourced from Valve)

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