Scotland Covid Update


According to Christine Tait-Burkard, the Scottish health expert, the peak of Covid cases will come in the next weeks. She recommended that people vulnerable to contracting the disease wear extra protective masks.


Minister John Swinney extended the use of face masks as a response to the expected extreme peak in cases.


Although the Covid rules were to end on Monday, March 21, with new information from the government, it was announced that the rules will continue until April. Masks should continue to be worn on public transportation and in indoor stores. These changes are because of Omicron and how much it is affecting Scotland.


On Tuesday 15, 1, 966 patients were reported to have been infected with the virus. The amount is not far off the record for January 2021, where the highest number recorded was 2,085 patients. The week of March 7 recorded 117 total deaths from the disease, which, although lower than the number recorded during 2021, is still a large number. Cases continue to increase, but those hospitalized are decreasing.


The population has questioned the effectiveness of the measures implemented by the government. They are doubting if the use of masks is helping. But experts said that they do work because they interrupt the circulation of the virus.


Dr. Tait-Burkard, an infection expert at the University of Edinburgh, said the masks were a precautionary measure and a “final reminder” of the need.


She said, “The impact of mask use without many of the other restrictions in place is small, or smaller than before.” Health rules will continue to change on a case-by-case basis.


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