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“Scientist” by Twice, Full of Pinky Love

Twice as a group completely have cute concept release 3rd full album “Formula of Love: O + T,3” today on 13th November 2021 on JYP Entertainment official youtube.

Twice has seen the group make major fandom over the world. In this video, twice give formula about love with cute scientist concept from the lyric like: “Love ain’t a science. Don’t need no license….”. Some videos cover every member of annual day science students. The listener quickly memorizes as same vibes as the Western phrase on “Scientist”. They have teased everyone with every ounce of charisma from that simple lyric. Naturally, scientists gain more attention than something classic but more alive.

Source: cleanbowled

The first show is the nine-member vibes with an eye-catching color scheme and effects. Opening by Mina was so cool when she put on her glasses. It’s different when Naeyon has some part as usual. Part of Joegyoen is better that he come back from hiatus and join the stage with the group. Twice practice themself as Love geniuses with full science of love. Every member is acting some kind of beauty to a smart girl. Even so, they don’t lose their mature in these cheerful and colorful backgrounds. They have explored full of love and everyone shined equally.

Official mv of scientists have full of a shower of positive comments for every member include of mina’s part vocal and their iconic visuals. They also success release the first full English song “The Feels” last October. This song makes a wonderful proud for twice make them have performed in the USA as long as they will focusing their promotions in America.

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