Saudi Arabia: Fire in Oil Depots Prior to F1 Race. Houthis Claim Attacks


According to videos, a massive fire erupted Friday at an oil depot in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, ahead of an F1 race, with Yemen’s Houthis rebels admitting they had conducted a series of strikes on the country.
While Saudi Arabia and its state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco did not immediately confirm the incident, it appeared to be concentrated on the same gasoline depot that the Houthis had targeted just days before. 
Yemen’s Houthi rebels’ al-Masirah satellite news channel claimed further details about their attacks would be provided later but did not immediately claim responsibility for the Jiddah fire.
Saudi Aramco’s North Jiddah Bulk Plant is located just south of the city’s international airport, a vital route for Muslim pilgrims traveling to Mecca. Meanwhile, Saudi state television confirmed that water tanks were targeted in Dhahran, causing damage to vehicles and buildings.
Reportedly some homes were also damaged. Black smoke clouds could be seen in the distance from the F1 track. 
On Sunday, the second-ever Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be held in Jiddah, despite recent attacks targeting the kingdom raising fears among some authorities.
According to a spokesperson from Formula 1, they are currently waiting for further from higher authorities for information regarding this situation.  


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