Samsung’s fridge becomes the center of the SmartHome control

Samsung’s fridge becomes the center of the SmartHome control 
Samsung Smart Home Illustration. (source: Samsung).

Samsung officially brought a smart refrigerator on the latest side-by-side model to Indonesia, namely the Samsung Family Hub; through the launch event.

As the name suggests, the refrigerator that is equipped with the touch screen can be used as a control center (hub) to connect various devices in one house.

Head of Home Appliances Product Marketing Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Melvin Rubianto, said that devices that can be connected to the Samsung Family Hub are quite diverse, especially those who have the SmartThings application.

SmartThings itself is an application used to control the device Internet of Things (IOT) for smart homes.

Samsung application’s of IoT

“This fridge can be connected to all Samsung devices that have SmartThings and WiFi connectivity; such as Air Purifier, AC, Smart TV, and so on,” Melvin said.

Melvin continues, the connected devices can be directly operated, for example turned on or turned off, through the refrigerator screen. In addition, users can also use voice commands to just turn off or turn on the smart device that has been connected to the Samsung Family Hub.

If imagined, its use is similar to operating the device through the smart Google Nest speaker that is connected to the Google Home Application.

The digital assistant supported by the latest Samsung refrigerator is only Voice Assistant made Samsung own, Bixby. Even that, there is no Indonesian language support available.

“Google Assistant has so far yet (available). The support of Indonesian-language Bixby Digital Assistant is also not yet available, and is currently in the development process,” Melvin said.

Connecting all Samsung related device in one connections

Melvin addressed that, the smartphone that could be connected to the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator itself; did not have Samsung Android Phone’s capability. Whilst the application itself; is currently available at the Play Store (Android) application store and the App Store (iOS). And Melvin himself says that all devices that have SmartThings; can connect with this new refrigerator.

“In addition to smartphones (Samsung) can actually be (connected to the refrigerator), as long as using the SmartThings application,” concluded Melvin. In the country, the Samsung Family Hub comes with a black variant and is priced at Rp. 30 million.

The refrigerator can be purchased at a number of official Samsung stores starting today, both offline and online. This latest refrigerator can now be purchased through Samsung official store; both online and offline shop.

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