Samsung Permanently Close Tizen Store

Samsung’s Tizen Store is no longer accessible starting this year. The shutdown affects both existing and new users. If you visit Tizen Store both on app or website, it only shows an error code on the screen.

Previously in June 2021, Tizen Store is no longer accessible for new users and the existing users still able to access Tizen Store, but the access is limited only for downloading the previously downloaded apps. After the closure, Tizen Store is no longer accessible at all.

Tizen OS is a Linux-based operating system developed by Samsung that was first introduced in 2012 and used in Samsung smartwatch, camera, tablet, and smartphone. The first phone that uses Tizen OS is Samsung Z1 which released in 2015, then followed with Samsung Z3 later in the same year, and Samsung Z4 in 2017.

Samsung Z with Tizen OS. image source: android

Samsung is seemingly to abandon the project as the company decided to use Wear OS on its Galaxy Watch4 and the future smartwatches will use Wear OS instead of Tizen OS with the Galaxy Watch3 as the last smartwatch that uses Tizen OS. The company never release any other smartphone with Tizen OS after the release of Samsung Z4. As the result, the developers slowly crawl out of the platform. But the company is reportedly still continuing to use Tizen OS on its Smart TV.

The closure marks the end of Tizen OS; and also a signal for the existing Tizen OS smartphone users. To switch to Android, Huawei, or iOS smartphone.

Source: TizenHelp

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