Samsung Introduces Samsung Family Hub to Indonesia

Samsung Indonesia introduces Samsung Family Hub, a smart fridge that offers many smart features to Indonesia. There are many “smart” abilities that the users can do in the Family Hub, such as making video call, music streaming, video streaming, web browsing, and many more cooking-related features.

Melvin Rubianto, Head of Home Appliances Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia stated that the latest fridge (Samsung Family Hub) is a very smart and multifunctional fridge that able to give real-life solution by following the lifestyle changes among today’s youth and able to fulfill their needs.

Samsung Family Hub

He also added that Samsung Family Hub is a smart assistant that will help you to be a skillful chef at home, keeping you connected with the family, maintaining mood while cooking through music and favorite series, and be a part of smart home which able to connect with various smart devices, such as smartphone. Here are some key features offered in Samsung Family Hub:


The Family Hub can be used as a communication medium among the family. Whiteboard feature enables the users to write a message or sketch digitally.

Memo feature enables the users to stick the message like the sticky notes that are mostly found on the fridge door without messing it up. The users can also leave a text message, voice message, or pictures in the gallery.

The fridge can also function as a calendar. The users can manage the family calendar to plan the schedule, synchronize the calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.


The Family Hub supports music and media streaming, such as Spotify and YouTube. The users can also mirror the smartphone screen for some purposes, such as watching movies from VOD (Video on demand) services on the smartphone.

Cooking Assistant

The fridge can function as a cooking assistant. With Smart Recipe, the Family Hub can help the users to do some cooking-related stuff, like receiving recipe recommendations, planning the weekly menus, and providing shopping list for buying the cooking ingredients.


Through SmartThings app; the Family Hub are allowed to be controlled via smartphone.  The users can set toggle the power, set the fridge, and limit the fridge’s power usage. The fridge is also connected via Bixby, thus enabling the users to send a voice command.

The Family Hub is also able to receive and make a phone call through Bluetooth connection.

Miscellaneous Technologies

SpaceMax Technology can neatly store the foods to keep them fresh for a long time. This technology makes the fridge has a thinner wall with high insulation, so the users can store more foods inside the fridge with efficient cooling, thus saving power. Along with Digital Inverter Technology, the fridge can operate with high efficiency, quieter, and last longer.

At the moment, Samsung Family Hub costs IDR 29.999.000.

Source: Samsung Indonesia

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