Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Yes!, we are in the year 2022. However, only this once, I am going to take us back to the year 2020.

What was I doing that year? Well, to be honest, I started writing professionally, interacting with people in the podcasting business, and most importantly, learning the tools and tricks of this industry we call blogging.

What does that have to do with the Samsung S20 Ultra, you ask?

Good question!

Let me take you back from the day I acquired this phone, to the day I stopped using it.

A friend of mine is a podcaster. He taught me a trick on the Facebook platform on how to use a cell phone as a camera and as a video recorder that does everything for you with great projection, which turned out to be greatly effective in a sense.

I had bought the phone in advance to be prepared for anything, and believe it or not, it had worked out beautifully for us. so well that I was able to use the phone for various purposes.

The amount of space on the S20 Ultra and the compatibility it provides with many apps make it perfect for the ultimate cell phone use and most probably, in my opinion, the best cell phone ever made. I do strongly believe that.

The features it has are cool, especially with the camera and essentially, the overall experience you receive with this cell phone is by far the greatest.

The design is magnificent, which is not for the faint of heart, coming with a tremendous speaker that gives you that loud music or video playing experience and most importantly, as I stressed, making music and videos of your own or your own music videos gives you that professional look overall, to say the least.

I was so impressed with this cell phone that I waited till the battery life had been exhausted and bought the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is a replica of the phone but with a sleek design and more space, of course.

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