Sam Ryder’s Stunning Eurovision Performance Earns Silver


After weeks of build-up, the Eurovision final was broadcast last night to an international audience of millions. The show had everything we expect from the competition, ballads, balloons, rhinestones, glitter, costume changes, set changes, and of course, the many memes created by viewers all over social media.


It wouldn’t be Eurovision without the trademark wacky song or two, and Norway certainly provided that with their entry ‘Give That Wolf A Banana‘ (if you missed it, find their colorful and catchy performance here). Iconic pop star Mika also treated viewers to a medley of his greatest hits in-between hosting, which seemed to go down well with the audience.


Whilst Ukraine won by a landslide with their touching tribute song ‘Stefania‘ thanks to the overwhelming majority in the public vote, the UK also had cause to celebrate. Though the bookies predicted the UK may place third overall, nobody truly expected that they would place top 5. As the night progressed and the votes were announced, the UK viewers were dumbfounded and overjoyed at the popularity Sam Ryder’s ‘Spaceman‘ had with the international juries – placing first overall from the jury vote.


Next came the all-important public vote. The UK waited with bated breath as the hosts gave out the results from the bottom of the table to the top, and eventually, it was announced that the UK had snatched the silver second place from fierce competition like Spain and Sweden. This was a huge improvement on last year’s UK Eurovision entry, James Newman, who scored zero points in both jury and public votes.


The UK has come last or close to it in the competition for over twenty years. Until last night, it had been over 1000 days since the UK entry scored even a single point. Sam Ryder has achieved what many thought to be impossible with the impressive total of 466 points and has put hope back in the hearts of Eurovision fans that one day, the UK may once again win and host the prestigious song contest.

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