Russia’s Revenge: Imposing New Sanctions on the US

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Russia imposed sanctions on the United States (US). This is Moscow’s retaliation to Washington after the bombardier of sanctions imposed after Russia attacks Ukraine.


In an announcement Wednesday (13/4/2022) local time, the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin sentenced 398 members of the US congress. Moscow’s sanctions include leaders and committee chairs of the lower house of the US Congress.


Russia says it’s not over yet. The country will add new sanctions for the US issued shortly.


“Further announcements on Russia’s countermeasures are planned in the near future,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.


“There will be more Americans on the sanctions list.”


Not only the US, but Russia has also imposed sanctions on Canada. At least 87 senators were blacklisted.


“Following the decision made by the Canadian authorities on March 24, blacklisting all members of the Russian Federal Assembly and imposing sanctions on them,” the ministry said in a statement published by TASS.


“Including a ban on entering the country, similar measures have been applied to incumbent Canadian senators on a reciprocal basis.”


Russia has been attacking Ukraine since February 24. To retaliate against Western sanctions, Putin had previously required all Russian oil and gas transactions to be carried out in rubles.


This is to suppress Europe, which has been the main connoisseur of Russian fossil energy. Europe enjoys 43% of European gas annually according to the European Union Statistics Agency, Eurostat.


Germany became the largest buyer, followed by Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, France, England, Spain, Belgium, and others. Gas is routed through pipelines and LNG.

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