Russia Hands Over Putin’s Permission To Attend G20 Summit To Indonesia


Russia has opened up its voice regarding the insistence of Western countries on Indonesia not to let President Vladimir Putin attend the G20 Summit in Bali next October.


Russia’s presidential office or Kremlin said they would decide on whether Putin will attend this year’s G20 summit or not. The decision depends on the developing situation.


Quoted by Reuters, Peskov’s comments were made in response to journalists’ statements about Russia’s response to several countries’ insistence that Putin not be invited to the G20 summit in the year following his invasion of Ukraine. , Dmitry Peskov, at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday (7/4).


Western countries continue to express displeasure if Russia participates in a series of G20 summits this year as a result of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.


Several countries have even warned about their objections to Indonesia if Russia is present at the group’s meetings. This also makes Indonesia’s position as Chair of the G20 this year continue to be pushed.


The US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, has confirmed her position to the Finance Ministers at the G20, especially Indonesia as the chair of the G20 in this period.


“President Joe Biden has made it clear and I certainly agree with him that we cannot be casual about Russia in any financial institution,” Yellen said.


“He (Biden) asked Russia to be expelled from the G20, and I have explained to my Indonesian colleagues that we will not participate in several (G20) meetings if Russia is present there,” he added.


Until now, Indonesia has not decided to respond to the Russia vs Ukraine conflict as the president of this year’s G20 group of countries, especially regarding the fate of the red bear country’s presence in the forum.


A spokesperson for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as well as a team of government spokespersons for the G20, Dedy Permadi, said that Indonesia needed to be careful in responding to the Russia vs Ukraine conflict as the group’s leader.


“The issue of Russia and Ukraine is of course currently being studied and then we will present it in another forum when the time comes,” said Dedy in a virtual conference, Thursday (7/4).


“We as the presidency have to respond in what way and of course we will convey it to the public when the time comes,” he continued.


Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Teuku Faizasyah, asked the public not to speculate in response to the United States’ statement not wanting to come to the G20 meeting if Russia was invited.


“We should not speculate, while future developments are still very dynamic,” said Faizasyah when contacted by, Thursday (7/4).

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