Rumors Speculate That Microsoft Was Initially On The Verge Of Designing A Handheld Console.


Rumors have been floating around for years on the internet that Microsoft will be releasing a new console, which people are calling it to be ‘Xbox series Z’, which is designed to be a handheld console; much like how Nintendo designed the Nintendo DS, Wii U, and Switch.


However, it’s improbable that the rumors are true. According to an article written by Hirun Cryer at ‘GamesRadar+’, the former Xbox boss Robbie Bach revealed to us that initially, there were three internal pitches for the portable Xbox device, all of which were referred to as the ‘Xboy.’


He then went on to reveal that he turned down all three pitches because Xbox just doesn’t have the bandwidth to support such a device.


Though the idea was turned down, the project never faded away into the dark. If the ‘Xboy’ did happen, it would be interesting to see the competition between Xbox and Nintendo.


Despite the project being turned down, it would be amazing to see how well Xbox would’ve done if they had released such a console and how much more sales they would’ve made against their rival Playstation.


Playstation also did a similar project to sell a portable device known as the PSP Vita. The console was a huge success, with sales reaching a warping 16 million units, which USGamer reported from 2017.


Only two years after the debut of the PSP Vita, the Playstation 4 came out on November 13, 2013. According to Forbes, it sold 4.2 billion consoles that year.


Looking at these vast digits, Microsoft could potentially make a lot more profit alongside their usual consoles like the One S and series X if they had taken the Xboy idea on board. But considering the idea never faded away, perhaps in the future, we’ll get to see the first ever handheld Xbox console.

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