Friday, January 28, 2022

Rules for face-to-face learning by the Indonesian Government

Responding to the high expectations of students in Indonesia to return to school face-to-face, the government decided to hold Limited Face-to-face Learning. PTM (Pertemuan Tatap Muka/ Face to face Meeting) activities can be carried out in all regions in Indonesia that are already at level 1 and 2 CARE protocol.

However, in implementing PTM the government has made several rules related to health protocols. All to ensure the safety and health of all school members. So that the government is also focusing on creating a friendly school environment and free from the transmission of Covid-19.

These following are PTM rules made by the Indonesian government:
1. Students, teachers, and other educators must be in good health.
2. Families of educators and students do not have Covid-19 symptoms, including people who live in the same house.
3. If educators or students suffer from comorbidities. They must be under controlled conditions.
4. Required to use 3-ply cloth masks, or disposable medical masks; for all educators and students as well. Mask Change are a mandatory, to prevent the mask get damp/wet/dirty with bacteries.
5. Regularly washing hands with soap and running water, or hand sanitizer to all school residents.
6. Maintaining the minimum of 1.5 m with each and every individual. Avoid physical contacts as possible. And that’s include kissing & shaking hands.
7. All school residents apply cough etiquette by using the inside of the elbow.

The points listed in the regulation aim to maintain the safety and health of all school residents. So moving on from this,  parents of students and students who are studying do not need to feel anxious about the Covid-19 pandemic during the PTM.

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