Round 2 Of “Queendom 2” Performances! Watch The Performances Here!


Round 2 of performances in Queendom 2 was finally revealed on April 21! This time, we got to see the competing groups perform songs from other groups of their choice.


For the last round, HYOLYN won first place with a perfect score of 100.


Here are the performances!


WJSN – ‘Navillera’ by GFRIEND (VIVIZ) 

WJSN chose to cover GFRIEND’S song as they had to do a song from VIVIZ. WJSN chose ‘Navillera’ instead of other popular songs, such as ‘MAGO’, ‘Apple’, ‘Me gustas tu’ amongst others.


WJSN began with a dark and gothic vampiric look, which quickly turned into an upbeat and powerful performance, with perfect high notes, a rap rendition, along with a dance break.



As LOONA was devastatingly put at 6th place on the last ranking, they redeemed themselves with this performance of ‘SHAKE IT’ by SISTAR. The set and concept of the performance were very fun and creative, with retro diner and 90’s inspired clothes.


Brave Girls – ‘MVSK’ by Kep1er

Brave Girls performed the beginning of the song in full black and white, emphasizing their use of props such as masks and play cards. Brave Girls also used a mirror for one of their props in their classy performance in white suits.



A bit different from their usual concept, VIVIZ chose a bolder approach to the concept this time. Rather than their usual enchanting fairytale-like concept, they chose to wear stunning Latin-inspired black and red dresses.


Kep1er – ‘Pool Party (Rollin’ Right Now)’ by Brave Girls

Kep1er put on an amazing and immersive performance, with an underwater ocean concept and props, for instance, a huge bubble maker. Kep1er also used a long dancing bar for their choreography in their cute pink and white outfits.


HYOLYN – ‘So What’ by LOONA

HYOLYN gave a jaw-dropping performance with her dramatic and bold entrance as the infamous Cat Woman from the movie Batman. HYOLYN made everyone’s jaw drop by coming down from the air – elegantly dangling on a suspended hoop.


Queendom 2 airs every Thursday at 9:20 p.m. KST, make sure to watch it live on their official YouTube stream or Mnet! 

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