Room Decorations to Spice Up Your Room!


Do you feel like your room is boring? Room decorations can help make your room homey and welcoming as it would be based on your personal taste.


Simple decorations, such as an additional lava lamp or tapestry can elevate the look of your room and make it more personal. If you want to step it up a notch, plants and ceramic vases will definitely complete your room.


Here are some decoration ideas for you to try that are practical and pretty!


1. Succulents

Source: SevenDaysHome (Etsy)

Succulents are perfect plants for your room décor to add a touch of greenery and nature! Succulents don’t require high maintenance to keep them from withering as you only need to water them about three times a week, which makes them the perfect plant décor!


2. Polaroid Wall



If you like to take pictures with your polaroid or have some polaroid pictures lying around, display the memories on your wall by sticking them on a side of your wall or hang them on hempen string with wooden clips so you can look back on the pictures.


3. Catchall Dish


A catchall dish is essential to your room and is the perfect piece of décor. These trinkets come in different shapes and sizes that you can choose from to your liking.


4. Ceramic Vases

Source: SunSprinklesShop (Etsy)

Ceramic vases – especially colorful ones – bring a pop of color to your room that will balance your room perfectly. Neutral colors will also give your room a refined look.


5. Tapestry 

Source: East Urban Home via

Any tapestry design will complete your look as it’ll be an eye-catching decoration that will go well with the furniture.

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