Rockstar Strikes GTA V Modding Again, FiveM Servers Advised to Remove All Licensed Models


Take Two, parent company of Rockstar Games, is once again irritating modders and players of (modded) GTA V, affecting FiveM servers. Licensed properties, which includes the likes of real-life cars and characters of other IPs, will not be allowed on FiveM.


For those of you who do not know, FiveM is a “multiplayer modification framework” for GTA V that allows for players to host their own multiplayer server with their own mods. This extension, as you would’ve imagined (or heard of) essentially allows people to create the dream multiplayer servers of their own, though it does require fees to keep the server up. Many creators have made a variety of fun, moderated servers, though most of them are centered around roleplaying and police activity in general. FiveM offered what regular multiplayer in GTA V couldn’t; the freedom to create and play in different ways in whole new “worlds” without having to subject oneself to a grindfest with substandard character customization.



If you know of Take Two and their past with modding in their games, they’re adding to it once more. They released an article on November 18, answering a question on whether roleplay servers are allowed. Rockstar answered that they have no problems with creativity of the fans and playerbase, yet follows up the next paragraph with “priority in enforcement actions” which focuses on misusing the brand or their IPs, integration of models from other IPs outside of their own, and monetary gain, which includes NFTs and microtransactions. We get the last point and would absolutely support it, but the rest of them are simply ironic, given the statement that came before it.



A good amount of FiveM servers feature tons of real-life brands and properties, mostly cars and clothing. It’s somewhat of a major attraction point for them, so having to do without them will also result in the loss of the players who came for real-life items. But that isn’t the worst. Creators of these models, as well as those who put hours, even days configuring, modeling, and perhaps scripting them to work in the servers are all going down the drain, as any server caught featuring licensed materials will be taken down by FiveM themselves.


But it’s just another day at Take Two. Whether or not this was done to avoid complications and other things we do not foresee (like paid sponsorships on their grounds), this will inevitably impact hundreds of servers which feature these real-life properties; though we suppose removing the brands’ logos could do enough..



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