Rockstar Games Gives Hints to the End of GTA Online Updates

Rockstar Games is seemingly implying that GTA Online, one of their most successful games, will soon stop receiving updates. The multiplayer version of GTA V, which has received more than 40 DLCs all for free, first opened in 2013, with players unable to access servers due to the number of players attempting to go online.

Over the years, Rockstar has added a massive amount of content including vehicles, missions, clothing, and story for GTA Online. With the ability to create and customize your own character, players can roam around the city of Los Santos could choose to expand their criminal empire, or sit back and hang out with friends in various activities that were in the original game (though said features are almost unused and forgotten by players). Regardless of what the player decides to do, Rockstar has added enough content to do just about anything; as long as you have the money.

GTA Online has also been known for its ‘inflation’ for ingame items in 2018, which essentially necessitates the majority of its players to grind missions that make the most amount of money. Although Rockstar offers a quicker way via Shark Cards, by paying real world money for ingame cash, most players tend to avoid the pay-to-play aspect, or use illegal mod menus to generate the money they need. Alternatively, Rockstar also offers GTA+, a membership program that grants benefits and items for free to its subscribers; another feature that was criticized by its playerbase.

Given the Expanded and Enhanced edition and the recent Criminal Enterprises update, it would seem as if Rockstar hasn’t planned for ending GTA Online, but given the supposed leaks of the next game in the series and the fact that it is 10 years into its lifespan, it’s quite reasonable to see the end of Rockstar’s biggest and longest-running moneymaker.

(Image sourced from Rockstar Games’ GTA V ‘Thank You’ page)

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