Rocket League Sideswipe is Available on Android and iOS

Rocket League Sideswipe has been released and now can be played on Android and iOS. The game is accessible all-inclusive and can be downloaded for free. Created by Psyonix, which is owned by Epic Games, Rocket League Sideswipe could be a versatile adaptation of the sports diversion Rocket League that has been propelled on console and PC.

This game requires around 700MB-1GB of space on Android and iOS phones. Like the console and PC versions, Rocket League Sideswipe uses the same concept, namely playing soccer but using a car. Players have to control and steer their vehicle to score against the opponent’s goal.

The greatest distinction from the Rocket League is that the versatile adaptation of the game is played in 2D, rather than advertising a 3D stadium and being able to move 360 degrees. Players will control the car with a virtual joystick on the cleared outside of the screen, while several buttons allow you to hop and kick the ball towards the enemy’s objective.

Furthermore, you will control the vehicle with the left joystick and move left and right or up and down. Apart from that, you also have the controls to quickly increase your speed and jump to kick the ball into the goal. Unlike in regular Rocket League, the car’s boost abilities will fill up automatically, eliminating the need to search for recharge pads. The currently available Game Modes include standard soccer mode as well as a basketball style “Hoops”.

And now Season 1 for this game has started. Players who played at Competitive Rank in the pre-season will get a rank reset and must play again to increase their rank and players who play in the Competitive rank will get XP and other prizes when the season ends. This means that the higher the rank of the player, the greater the prize that will be obtained later, season 1 will end on January 25, 2022.

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