Robots Plus Coding = Fun!!

A coding robot is a type of STEM toy for children older than five. They create an environment where coding becomes a fun form of learning; many robots are mechanical toys that are operated when a specific code is applied correctly.


MakeBlock Codey Rocky Educational Coding Robot

This robot has a 2-in-1 easy-to-use design with block-based programming; it has over 10 programmable modules and can swirl and follow lines as well as go around obstacles. Convert code with a single click to learn an advanced and practical language.


DIDIJIN Karbo- Coding Robot for Kids

This smart and intelligent device is much more than a coding robot- it comes with a pen, making it a drawing robot too! This fun crab-looking bot offers hands-on and innovative learning for children ages 6 to 12.


MakeBlock mTiny STEM Coding Robot Kit

This robot’s panda-like appearance adds to the fun a child can have with this kit, in addition to learning about coding and enhancing abilities like problem-solving. The kit comes with a Tap-to-Code Controller, a storybook, maps, and coding cards that will enhance the screen-free learning experience.


Rugged Robot coding Robot for outdoors education and forest school

This robot is specifically designed for outdoor use; it is designed for robust challenges and will be able to carry out the most challenging of activities. Students can control this robot via tablet or with a TTS TacTile Code Reader; the robot is also able to detect obstacles and navigate around them.


iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot

Combining family-friendly fun with hours of activities, this robot is a great investment in your child’s potential. It is packed with three learning levels full of lessons, projects, and activities; you can program the robot for drawing, detection, playing music, and more.

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