Roblox Car Driving Simulator Experiences You Might Like

The popularity of Roblox has skyrocketed over the last few years, with both children and young adults playing the game. Other than being a game that’s free to play, players can play unlimited and diverse experiences – also known as virtual worlds.


One of the common types of experiences in Roblox is car driving simulators. Car driving simulators are a fun game to play by yourself or with your friends, as you can explore the maps and areas while driving your favorite car.


Here are several Roblox car driving experiences that you can play with!


1.      Car Driving Indonesia (CDID) by @Pengemudiindonesiaa

Source: @Pengemudiindonesiaa

Drive around Indonesia with your friends or by yourself to wind up and relax. Take on part-time jobs like a courier driver or barista and save up money to buy your favorite ride in a variety of car dealerships.

Play here!


2.      Driving Simulator by @Nocturne Entertainment

Source: @Nocturne Entertainment

Drive around the open-world map or race against your friends and other players to show off your customized supercars! Upgrade your ride to outshine others.

Play here!


3.      Ultimate Driving 2.0 by @TwentyTwoPilots

Source: @TwentyTwoPilots

With over 400 cars to choose from, play the ultimate driving game and take on dangerous jobs such as an emergency responder or delivering explosive cargo! If you’re not up for the danger, drive buses, taxis, and ships instead.

Play here!

4.       Self-Driving Simulator [VR, Non-VR] by Nexus Development

Source:  Nexus Development

Hang out with your friends during a long drive in a self-driving car. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery with your friends.

 Play here!

5.      Project Trackday by devGem

Source: devGem

If you love racing, play this realistic racing game to race in circuits and a variety of both modern and classic race cars to race in.

Play here!










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