Roblox: Car Driving Indonesia (CDID) V.0.6 Update: A Guide

If you’re a Roblox player and love to play car simulation experiences – then you’ve definitely played the Car Driving Indonesia (CDID) experience.


Car Driving Indonesia (CDID) is not a final game and always going through several developments to improve the game’s experience. Recently, the developers, @Pengemudiindonesiaa have released a new update V.0.6.


Here is a short summary of update V.0.6!


New cars and new car dealership

They added more cars for you to choose from, with a total of 114 new cars along with a new car dealership.


Brand new areas

Whole new provinces are added, including Central Java where you have to teleport, and districts, such as Palimanan, Cirebon, Tegal, and Pekalongan. Despite the added areas, the new maps are mostly highways and as you progress through the cities – the areas are still small and the places to explore are still limited.


New spawn areas

Instead of spawning only on the main building, you can spawn in the rest area.


New UI

The UI has been reworked and you can choose to play on a random server or hop on your friend’s server. You can also join roleplays servers and make private servers too.


Other changes

Several other changes were made, such as changes to Sentul, the circuit, and the Puncak Villa road. There are also big changes to the car slots where you can now have 15 cars instead of 8 without the gamepass, and 40 if you have the gamepass.

There’s also a new speed limiter removal gamepass where it removes the restriction for your car’s top speed.

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