Rihanna Is Now Officially A Mother!


Rihanna has reportedly put to bed her first child with Asap Rocky on Friday, May 13th, exactly a week from today.


News reaching us confirms that the duo welcomed a healthy baby boy contrary to the assumptions that she was carrying a baby girl, and to the surprise of her many fans online.


These fans had totally assumed and taken her unborn baby to be a girl, due to the fact that she had been seen holding up female baby clothes in several pictures of her shopping at the mall.



Another irony of this birth is the fact that Rihanna declared in a tweet posted on Twitter, about seven years ago, that every other sign is better than a Taurus, only for her to give birth to a Taurus child!. How entertaining!.



Recall that, the Fenty Queen announced her pregnancy with her fellow artiste and celeb, ASAP Rocky, sometime in January with absolutely showstopping pictures, eliciting a variety of reactions on social media and creating a new fashion trend for pregnant women.



Well, the pregnant fashion era has now come to an end for the trendsetter, and herein begins a new era of nursing, and being a mother to her newly born son.


Perhaps, we shall get a new fashion trend for nursing mothers. Fingers crossed!. Either way, congratulations are in for the fashion diva and celebrity couple!.

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