Revisiting Grand Theft Auto III: 20 Years Later

Recently, GTA: Trilogy has been released digitally, the trilogy includes Grand Theft Auto III.

Let’s take a look at the original release of the game. Grand Theft Auto III was released 20 years ago, in 2001. Grand Theft Auto III release date is reportedly delayed due to 9/11 that made Rockstar Games, the game publisher had to do some changes because Liberty City, the game map is heavily influenced by real-life “New York City”.

Ten years later, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition for Android and iOS. The anniversary version had some soundtracks removed due to an expired license, and for the graphical sector, the anniversary edition doesn’t have a trail effect and also doesn’t have a splash screen that appears when crossing the island.

Unfortunately, prior to the release of GTA: Trilogy, Rockstar Games had pulled out the original release of Grand Theft Auto III, as well as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the digital stores.


  • Claude Speed is the game’s main character

In the entire game, he does not speak at all, and can’t even swim.


  • Only in the PC version, players have the ability to change Claude’s model

The skin file is stored in the “skin” folder in the game’s main directory with .bmp (bitmap) as the format. There are various skins available on the internet to download.


  • The gangs in the game are very hostile to you after you’ve completed certain missions

Although you’ve completed the game, the gangs remain hostile to you. So, you are advised to not explore the territory that is being held by the gangs. You need to install a mod if you want to explore the entire map without being attacked by the gang members.


  • The game has a plane called “Dodo”

This can be found in Francis Intl. Airport. The plane is best known for being extremely difficult to fly.

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  • The car bomb in the game can be considered as useless as well

Meanwhile, for the mission “Mike Lips Last Lunch,” the bomb would explode when the car is being entered, but who wants to enter the car that you’ve already entered in?


  • Money is practically almost useless

Since there’s no way to spend the money other than by buying a gun, respraying, installing the car bomb, paying hospital bills, and paying fine.

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  • Even though the game is 3D, the eagle-view like the previous GTAs have, does exist in the game

You can switch to an eagle-view camera easily just by changing the view.


  • There are two trains running in Liberty City

The first is the subway train if you want to travel across Liberty City, and there’s a train in Portland that runs over Portland.

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In my opinion, the game’s storyline isn’t bad and rather interesting, but the gameplay itself is boring. Although the game is boring, Grand Theft Auto III is the cornerstone of future GTA series that adopt 3D graphics. We can’t expect much from the game that was released in 2001.



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