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Toki is a non-combat fighter! ?

A writer who loves “Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE” (hereafter, “Hokuto Revive”) earnestly enjoys “Hokuto Revive” and spells out his feelings at the end of the century column.

In this 21st installment, we will be reviewing the performance of the latest Kenshi “Toki Quiet Fighting Spirit”. So, what is the strength of a non-combat fighter?

Amiba Legend of the Overlord of Another World

“Toki Quiet Fighting Spirit” (hereinafter referred to as “New Toki”) that appeared as a ranking gacha in March. It has been rumored for some time that the next Toki will be a non-combat fighter, and he has appeared as a non-combat fighter.

What I am most impressed with is the schedule. The next day, on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, the Gaiden event “Fist of the North Star Gaiden Genius Amiba’s Legend of the Overlord of Another World” suddenly started, and “Ultimate Fighting God Toki Quiet Fighting Spirit (?)” started. As an SR Kenshi, “Amiba Another World Overlord Legend” was distributed.

In other words, Amiba, who pretends to be Toki, appears against the new Toki. The fake part is also on April Fool’s Day. Of course, it’s not like the new Toki is appearing out of nowhere, and Raoh has also appeared before that, so I’m just interested in this carefully planned schedule.


▲I’m sure they wanted to do this line up.

Regarding the distribution of this SR, it was announced at the second exchange meeting held in Osaka the other day, and it has been realized.

SR’s Unibato formation hasn’t been updated for a long time, so I’m happy to have a new SR join.

I think it was a really exciting and wonderful April Fool’s Day event, with its own background, pigeons becoming dragons, icon changes, and so on.

New crested ibis performance confirmation

As mentioned above, Shin Toki is a non-combat fighter. He cannot attack directly and he cannot be attacked. Only one non-combat fighter can be organized in each formation. If it is a 7-person organization, it is possible to organize it in the support frame. However, there are some parts that are slightly different from non-combat fighters so far, so I would like to take a closer look at its performance.

Lui Lin The passive skill Lv Down that is installed from the Heavenly Twins is also installed in this new Toki. The main feature unique to the new Toki is “recovery”, which accepts and disables the damage received. 50% of it is charged into the “Recovery Gauge”, and at the start of the enemy’s turn, it is all consumed to deal damage to the enemy.

The “Quiet Fighting Spirit”, which is also his nickname, does not have a unique ability, and the fighting spirit that is granted to the Fighter increases at the start of his turn. This “quiet fighting spirit” is granted at the start of your own turn from the 2nd turn onwards, as well as through Special Moves and Secret Techniques.

▲ The icon on the left is a quiet fighting spirit, and the one on the right is a resurrection icon.

The big difference between Rui Ling Heavenly Twin Star and Yuria The Noble Gaze is that her own fighting spirit increases by 1000 with her Special, so she doesn’t necessarily activate the secret technique on even-numbered turns like she used to. If you can activate the special move on even turns, you can activate the secret move even on odd turns.

Yuria: Like the Noble Gaze, it is possible to grant stamina and resurrection, and the number of times of stumbling is 4 stages for Yuria and 6 stages for New Toki. there is

He is also excellent at removing status ailments, and at the start of his turn, removes faintness, silence, hidden hole binding, back split, freeze, and magic ice. Yuria Hidden Hole Binding and Magical Ice, which were not present in the Noble Gaze, have been added, and the range has been greatly expanded from one random body to the entire body. Regarding this Yuria Noble Gaze, it is also equipped with pinpoint cancellation of all stages of “Revelation”, and it is also characterized by being thoroughly countermeasures.

▼ Summary of new crested ibis performance
・ Nullify damage with “Recovery”
・Reflects part of the damage with the “Recovery Gauge”
・ Increases own fighting spirit by 1000 with special death (It is not guaranteed that the secret technique will be activated on even-numbered turns)
・ Granting a deadly stoppage (total of 6 levels)
・ Resurrection grant with mystery (2 times in total)
・Increase the fighting spirit of allies with “Silent Fighting Spirit”
・ Remove all status ailments
・ Unlock all stages of 1 random “Revelation” by secret technique

I tried using the new crested ibis

First of all, I will roughly examine Yuria’s noble gaze and which one is stronger. The person who was in the single digits of morale happened to be a friend, so with the new Toki and Yuria, they played 10 friend battles each. Of course, the opponent is a new ibis. We don’t have Souther, and our combat power is over 300,000 higher. New Toki has a special release of ★6, and Yuria has a super awakening of ★5.

▼ New crested ibis
5 wins 5 losses

▼ Yuria Noble Gaze
4 wins 5 losses

Hmmm subtle. I thought that if Toki won 5 games, Yuria would lose all of them, but at this stage, I have the impression that it doesn’t have a big impact on the win rate as it has the advantage of Super Awakening. It seems that the number of trials is small, but this result in “Hokuto Revive” does not mean that Yuria is greatly inferior.

On the other hand, if there is almost no change except for Super Awakening, there is no doubt that the new crested ibis is superior in terms of soil strength. It’s just a story at the moment.

● About the number of secret techniques
It is a fighting spirit that is a big difference from the non-combat fighters so far, but since it is greatly related to whether or not you can shoot a special, the luck factor is quite strong. If you can shoot a special move on an even numbered turn, you will be able to shoot a special move in succession even on the next odd numbered turn, but if you can’t close that turn with a special move after all, you won’t have enough fighting spirit in the next even numbered turn. can no longer be shot.

As such, the number of secret techniques that can be used during battle may not be much different from non-combat fighters. When the special death is confirmed by the secret technique in Super Awakening, it will be a big change, but is it too strong?


▲Since the main job is to spread the resurrection, I want to shoot as many secret techniques as possible. For that purpose, a special move is important.

-Recovery and recovery gauge
The mechanism is to charge the recovery gauge with 50% of the damage received from the opponent in the recovery. This is divided by the number of enemies at the start of the enemy turn and given as damage at the start of the turn. The upper limit of the gauge is 500% of the maximum HP. Now, when Kasumi or Raoh attacks, it feels like maxing out. The timing is the same as other slip damage, so the feeling of playing is not much different from before. After the attack ends, there’s a moment, then the turn passes, and that timing is like, “Ugh!”

I’ve also confirmed that Heart’s HP is taken from full to near death, so it’s pretty effective like a body blow.
It is the main part where the offensive and defensive performance of the new Toki is condensed, such as invalidation in the recovery and damage in the recovery gauge.

▲Heart’s HP can drop to this level, so don’t underestimate it. It feels like a new kind of slip damage.

The key to super awakening is whether you can overcome the luck factor?

The impression that I actually used is that the luck factor is quite strong in everything. Since the resurrection is very powerful, the point is who this will fly to, and the probability of granting special moves and secret techniques is also triggered by “Quiet Fighting Spirit”.

And, of course, this death is also luck. If you can’t hit the special move, the secret technique won’t be stable, so you can’t take the lottery for resurrection in the first place, and every scene is greatly influenced by luck.


▲ Raoh’s back row attacks are not scary if you have a resurrection. It is important that this part fits well.

The back row shield for normal attacks is more effective than Yuria, but honestly it’s at a level that’s equal to nothing. After all, everything depends on this revival.


▲ This is the extent of the doubled shield. If you don’t have a special, it’s even halved, so you don’t even notice it’s granted. In the case of a special kill, 3 barriers are also given.

If this luck factor is alleviated by Super Awakening, it seems that Yuria will be greatly relieved, so pay attention here. It’s a painful reality for the author who is far from the second secret book.

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