Retina implants successful 88-year-old grandmother in London could see again.

Retina implants successful 88-year-old grandmother in London could see again.

Illustration of bionic eye. (source: beritasatu).

Oldness did not prevent a woman from East London, England, received a retinal implant to restore her vision function. The 88-year-old woman experienced Age Macula degeneration or AMD.

Retina implant surgery takes place at Moorfields Eye Hospital by inserting micro chip measuring in 2 millimeters. After the operation is complete; patient’s asked to use the glasses that are equipped with a camera on it. And connect them to a computer; that is  installed on the belt. The computer and camera works as a substitute for visual function.

As reported in BBC, the woman said “I am very happy to be the first person to receive this retinal implant,”. Condition of Age Macula Degeneration or AMD; is a type of degenerative disease in the eye that has no cure. Most AMD sufferers are elderly people over 80 years.

Age Macula Degeneration are usually untreatable

This retinal implant with micro chip provides hope for the patient Age macula degeneration and geographic atrophy (GA) or not to be able to see with different methods. Until now, around 6 percent of seniors experience GA; with symptoms that are almost the same as AMD. A common complaint occurs is the eye fluid behind the retina dries and damages the tissue around the retina. Just like AMD that has no cure, this also happens in the patient.

In a written statement, Moorfields Mata Hospital stated, the way this artificial retina involved an artificial intelligence algorithm that processed and instructed glasses about what to focus on. Glasses projectong images act through infrared rays through the eyes. Then the data transmitted through the chip. After that it turns it into a completely electrical signal. And captured directly by the brain. Inside the brain, the electrical signal was received an acting as if it’s a natural vision.

Consultant Vitreoretinal Surgeon Moorfields Hospital, Mahi Muqit, said that this technology breakthrough was very beneficial for patients. Who is suffering loss of vision because of AMD. “The success of the operation and evidence collected through clinical studies determines there is potential in this method of treatment,” he said.

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